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Credit/Debit Cards
There is a convenience fee of 2.1% + $0.30/transaction for payment by credit/debit card.  In some cases the PTO picks up this charge, but otherwise it shows up in your shopping cart. 

Make checks out to "Athlos PTO" and be sure to include your phone and driver's license numbers as well as the Invoice number from your order. Please drop a copy of your invoice and the check in the Athlos PTO drop box in the front lobby of the school.
Print out your order, place in an envelope and deposit in the Athlos PTO drop box in the front lobby of the school. 

Your order is complete when you see an Invoice which can be printed for your records and retrieved later from your account page. To retrieve the invoice, click on "My Account", then "My Invoices". If you are paying by check or cash you will need to send in a copy of your invoice with payment.

Any refunds should be handled directly with Athlos PTO and will forfeit the convenience fee.